Anderson Expert
Good sleep is essential, wherever you are.

Waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep is just as
important to quality-aware hotel guests as to people who work
a long way from home for long periods.

It is precisely for this category of people that Anderson Expert
is developed.
The main aim is to ensure quality rest, which has been achieved thanks
to the beds’ spring construction, the material the mattresses are filled
with, and the construction principles on which the standard brand
collections are based.

This collection is developed with the wishes of the purchaser in mind.
The very attractive price, sustainability and easy maintenance of this
collection means it fulfils both financial and hygienic requirements.
The series also includes models which fulfil the strict fire safety
requirements that apply in offshore environments.
Best hygiene and care of the highest standards of cleanliness.

Covers of all top mattresses in Anderson Expert
collection (all three groups – Good, Better, Best) are made of Pearl
fabric. You can wash it, helping to maintain the bed in the highest
quality and providing better hygienic conditions for all hotel guests.
Removable covers can be washed at 60° C.

In addition, two-sided mattresses in the Better and Best group also
have removable covers made of Pearl fabric. These covers are also
washable at a temperature of 60° C.

To perfectly complement the Anderson Expert collection, in the field of
particularly high concern for cleanliness and hygiene offered mattresses
and beds, are the Molton cotton protectors (standard and waterproof
version). They provide durability as they tightly fit the mattress using
elastic bands.

Special solutions possible

The Contract bed collection has been made with a view to being able
to offer the most competitive prices possible without sacrificing quality
or comfort. For that reason the collection has been designed using
standard fabrics which complement most bedroom environments.
Each order is special. Our role is to design
solutions in beds which are optimally adapted to
the situation, the available budget, the time aspects
and the target groups. Cooperation with Anderson
Polska gives you opportunity to realise
the most important goals – provide guests with
the sense of comfort and outstanding quality.
The bed is a factor responsible for a large part
of that feeling.
Our goal is to strengthen our clients’ position.
One contact. All possibilities.
The Anderson Expert  gives more content to the concept of ‘standard’

Anderson Expert is a special line of mattresses and continental beds
dedicated for hotels. Products are designed with the highest standards
and for the sake of good sleep for each hotel guest.
We offer a response to the needs of the most demanding customers,
prepared on the basis of extensive experience in furnishing hotel
facilities on the Polish market, as well as European and Asian
markets. Our products have earned the ”Product of the Year” title two
times  in the category of Hotel equipment.

Anderson Expert mattresses and beds
are present in renowned hotels and on board ferries of many famous
passenger lines. Constantly developed and improved mattresses are
increasingly becoming the basis of a hotel’s comfortable bedrooms.

Jensen collection, designed for hotel facilities,
was created for a good and comfortable sleep for every hotel guest.
The development of the collection is the result of particular concern
for the highest quality products and provide the same high quality
as in the standard collection. Therefore all the same technological
innovations are used in the Contract Line collection. An example
of this is the system of Pocket in Pocket, used in most products for
hotels. The system ensures that the beds have pocket springs in all
layers, even in the boxes.


We maintain the highest quality of products and their compliance
with the applicable standards and regulations, which confirms
the number of our certificates and attestations:

INTERTEK – flammability certificate, respected around the world,
concerning our covers for Anderson mattresses, issued by ITS Testing
Services (UK) Limited.

PRS – Polish Maritime Register of Shipping Certificate for mattresses
ensuring compliance with requirements for marine equipment
concerning fire protection

FSC – the certificate guarantees that the buyer of the product does
not contribute to the damage of the natural environment, violation
of employee rights, illegal use of natural resources, or impoverishment
of the biodiversity of forest ecosystems. Products with this certificate
definitely derive from the forest fulfilling the FSC standards.

Box-spring headboards

14 March 2016

Mattress toppers

14 March 2016


14 March 2016

Akant Collection

13 March 2016

Maritime collection

2 January 2016

Jensen collection

2 January 2016

Anderson best collection

2 January 2016

Anderson better collection

2 January 2016

Anderson good collection

2 January 2016