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Most products within Akant-office’s scope are made from a fire resistant or non-combustible core material, finished with a decorative material. We have several options for the core material, all with their own characteristics.

Grenamat A

Grenamat is a non-combustible board made from the expanded vermiculite and inorganic binder. It does not contain any mineral or glass fibres or asbestos. This eco-friendly material is resistant to temperatures up to 1200 degrees.

The boards have great sound absorbing as well as thermal insulating features. Another advantage of the vermiculite boards is that they are easy to process, using your regular construction tools. Various finishes such as high pressure laminate, veneer and decorative foil can be applied to the Grenamat boards very easily.

Non-combustible boards are often used to protect marine constructions against fire. Yet the boards are also very well suitable as partitions, wall panels, interior components and furniture. Grenamat A boards are certified for worldwide use in the shipping industry.


STERKER fire retardant floor panels are MED certified and made from finished layered Birch wood.

The panel is extremely lightweight and it is easier to lay due to its tongue and groove on four sides.

The special impregnation method with fire retardant chemicals ensures the material meets all MED requirements for use as flooring. Although mineral-based impregnating agents would normally leave traces of salts on the surface, STERKER has no such issues. This unique feature ensures the adhesive bonding is unaffected by the salt resulting in a more efficient installation of the panels.


MERA™ fire retardant multiplex is MED certified and specially designed for the furniture of ships.

The fire retardant multiplex has a HPL/Veneer coating and is extremely lightweight.

A salt free impregnation agent has also been used on MERA. This ensures that thereare no traces of salt to affect the adhesive bonding, whereby materials such as HPL can be attached without difficulty.

The panels are oven-dried. This process removes all the moisture preventing warping or bending after installation.